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Welcome Freshmen! SLCN Online Acquaintance Party

By Alexandra Calanoc

School is a place where you can enhance your skills and learn, but it is also one where you can find a new set of friends. The start of this school year was one-of-a-kind, especially for the freshmen. Due to the pandemic, numerous changes piled up one after the other in such a short time span. However, adjusting to the new normal will be possible if we take time to adapt to these changes.

On September 12, 2020, the Student Nurses Association of St. Luke’s College of Nursing managed to prepare an acquaintance party to officially welcome the freshmen to the program and provide them the opportunity to bond with each other. Due to the pandemic, the party was celebrated online through Zoom and Facebook Live. The program lasted from 2 to 4 p.m.

The acquaintance party was hosted by the twins of batch Hiraya, Angela and Angelica Brimner. SNA’s Vice President, Chloe Estolas, started the program with an opening prayer followed by some opening remarks from Dr. John Michael Lorena, the SLCN dean. He gave the students a warm welcome, expressing his gratitude, and encouraged every student to embrace the new normal. As it was the very first online acquaintance party of the college, he said it was a memorable one. After the welcoming remarks, the hosts began the program proper with some mini games as an icebreaker. The No Judgement Zone displayed pictures of the SNA officers as they were growing up. It was a nice way to ease the nerves of the freshmen and allowed them to be active in the festivities. Another game, 4 Pics 1 Word, showcased the different personalities of the faculty staff in SLCN. Next, the SNA officers prepared a video clip to exhibit the activities and accomplishments of the SLCN community. Afterwards, the video also presented the different sections of each batch. Lastly, a compilation of welcoming remarks from the professors was bestowed to the freshman to motivate them to strive harder on their journey.

The acquaintance party not only entertained the student nurses, but also acquainted them with clubs they can participate in. Several performances were shown during intermission which acknowledged the creativity and talents of the students. But before the program ended, the freshmen were given a chance to mingle with their seniors and ask tips regarding their course and school environment. It was a fun and joyful moment for the students despite the current pandemic situation. To formally close the program, a closing prayer was led by Evangeline Villa de Gracia. To conclude, the Trinity University of Asia hymn and the St. Luke’s College of Nursing hymn were sung to give the deepest gratitude to the university.



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